#ShareTheSofa – Heineken expands to the second screen

Share the sofa Heineken

To take advantage of the trend that TV viewers are simultaneously using second screen devices, Heineken launched an interactive campaign with the hashtag #ShareTheSofa whereby fans could chat with famous football players while watching the Champions League.

Less focus on TV screens

Accenture published in April 2015 a report showing that watching TV and movie content on an actual TV screen has declined by 13% globally over the past year. It was further found that 87% of consumers now use a second screen device such as a smartphone or tablet while watching TV.

As one of the highlights of any football enthusiast’s calendar, every year the Champions League is viewed by millions of people around the world. Yet 76% of football fans tend to watch it in their living room alone, accompanied by their second screen device.

Those facts were giving Heineken as an official sponsor of the Champions League a hard time thinking of how to get people to take notice and start talking about the brand. The beer company hence teamed up with Tribal DDB Amsterdam to come up with an interactive campaign for the 2013 Champions League that should draw the attention of TV viewers to the matches (and the prominently placed Heineken logos) and engage them in a fun way.

The #ShareTheSofa campaign

#ShareTheSofa was the first ever real-time football show designed for the second screen. Presented by various football legends (such as Owen Hargreaves, Fernando Morientes, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, or Hernan Crespo) and supported by team of unique characters, Heineken’s goal was to “let any football fan on the planet feel what it’s like to watch the Champions League”.

During the matches, fans were encouraged to chat with the football stars as if they would be chatting with just an ordinary friend. This chat was unfiltered and during the show, the hosts commented on the game, made jokes, sent videos, interacted with the fans and generally entertained, all with Heineken in the background. All messages were created, received and published in real time.

Campaign results

‘Share The Sofa’ was picked-up and talked about in 94 countries worldwide and generated over 1.2 billion media impressions. 13.4 million #SharetheSofa Twitter handles were used every game and Heineked dominated the Champions League conversation more than any other sponsor in the history of Twitter.

Most importantly, besides all those impressive media KPIs, purchase intent for Heineken’s beer went up by 7% throughout the campaign.

Why it’s a great campaign

The full use of second screen devices took viewers from a one-sided, traditional TV viewing experience to a multi-dimensional interactive experience. This underlined the forward-thinking, modern and fun brand image of Heineken.

Moreover, Heineken’s use of real-time interaction made it authentic. The messages, questions and videos were not something that was being filtered and double-checked but live and visible to everyone. Heineken was confident enough to engage in such kind of interaction and it helped them to portray the brand as authentic, friendly and approachable.

Did you know? Heineken’s Facebook page has more likes and greater user engagement ratings than any other alcohol brand.

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