What are popular universities to study sport marketing?


In this article we are trying to provide a list of some of the most popular universities offering a degree in sport marketing. The current list is of course not exclusive as there are many more, great degree opportunities we still need to discover, and we will update the selection over time.

Meanwhile, we hope that anyone looking for a Bachelor in Sport Marketing or a postgraduate masters degree will find some useful information to plan their next career move.

FYI, we sorted the universities that offer degrees in sports marketing by country…

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. France
  4. Spain (including a master’s degree offered in conjunction with Real Madrid!)

… and within each country by the type of degree (bachelor, masters).

United Kingdom

Southampton Solent University

BA (Hons) Sport Marketing
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: yes

Southampton Solent University’s sports marketing programme is built around the themes of employability and real-world learning.

You’ll take an in-depth look at sports branding, fan relationship marketing, sponsorship, fan culture and ticketing – and develop your knowledge of core marketing principles that can be applied in any industry.

UCFB (Wembley or Etihad Campus)

BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: no

Your studies will focus on the core functions of football business management accompanied by marketing modules. The marketing pathways explore the principles of marketing and communications theory and apply theory to live projects to develop your employability skills. You will gain an understanding of football business and be introduced to international business models and management concepts, business planning, return on investment, strategy integration, contemporary issues and digital marketing.

Bucks New University

BA (Hons) Sport Marketing
Duration: 4 years
Placement option: yes

Are you interested in sport branding and advertising? Would you like to understand the reasons behind sponsorship deals and endorsements, or the effective positioning of businesses and brands in the global sporting arena? Our course engages you with the inside knowledge needed for a career in this exciting, fast-paced industry.

Leeds Beckett University

BA (Hons) Sport Marketing
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: yes

Understand sport branding, viral campaigns and event promotion, so you can interact and connect with audiences using modern marketing tools.

Manchester Metropolitan University

BA (Hons) Sports Marketing Management
Duration: 3 years, 4 years with placement
Placement option: yes

The degree has been developed in conjunction with practitioners from the sports marketing industry who are also involved in the delivery of the programme as guest speakers. This enables you to learn directly from their real life experience and industry knowledge.

University of Chester

BA (Hons) Sport Marketing and Management
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: no

You will learn about what’s really happening in the sport arena and how integral marketing and management link together. You will cover all the core principles of marketing and management and explore how this is applied to the sport industry.

Coventry University

BA (Hons) Sport Marketing
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: yes

You will study a range of sport marketing subjects including Introduction to Sport, Managing People in the Sport Industry, Sport Marketing, Sport and Event Strategy, Sponsorship and Strategic Issues for the Sport Industry, Sports PR and Media.

Teesside University

BA (Hons) Sports Management and Marketing
Duration: 3 years (full-time), Part-time: 5 years
Placement option: no

In working together with Middlesbrough Football Club we add unprecedented value to your degree and learning experience, through teaching collaboration, guest lectures, live projects and case studies.

University of Central Lancashire

Sports Marketing and Business Management (MSc)
Duration: 1 year (full-time), Part-time: 2 to 3 years
Placement option: no

There is a dual focus on the marketing of sport and marketing through sport, with sports marketing being examined from the perspective of both rights holders (sports organisations) and sponsors.

Birkbeck – University of London

Sport Marketing (MSc)
Duration: 1 year (full-time), 2 years part-time
Placement option: no

The programme is ideally suited to the needs of executives within football clubs and media organisations, officers of football and sport regulatory bodies, as well as people with a general interest in the sport, football and media industries.

Coventry University

Sport Marketing (MA)
Duration: 1 year (full-time), 2-3 years part-time
Placement option: no

The Sport Marketing MA degree aims to provide specialist training for sport marketers who are working in the sector or those who are seeking a professional career in the industry.

United States

Xavier University

Sport Marketing (BS)
Duration: 4 years
Placement option: yes

Xavier’s location in Cincinnati centers you in the middle of a vibrant, sports-crazy community. Whether it’s Reds, Bengals, college basketball or the Friday-night lights of high school football you crave, our sport marketing studies faculty have the connections that can open doors for you into the world of sports marketing.

Full Sail University

Sports Marketing & Media (BS)
Duration: 20 months
Placement option: no

The Sports Marketing & Media bachelor of science program is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of how marketing and content creation are integrated into the everyday operations of sports businesses.

University of Northwestern Ohio

Sports Marketing & Media (BS)
Duration: Online degree
Placement option: no

The Sport Marketing and Management program provides students an opportunity to combine marketing and management fundamentals with the sport and recreation industry, while preparing students to become well-trained business professionals.

University of Indianapolis

Sports Marketing (BS/BA)
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: yes

At UIndy, you can learn to be a sports marketer in one of the country’s top cities for sports, which means you’ll have some great opportunities.

Pace University

BBA in Sports Marketing

Out-of-classroom experiential learning opportunities provided by Pace Athletics and external venues, coupled with faculty specialists in their field teaching courses, are a winning combination in this program.

University of South Dakota

Sport Marketing & Media (B.A., B.S.)
Duration: 3 years
Placement option: yes

Topics include the use of traditional and emerging media technologies and the role of media in marketing sport and sport-related products and services.

It will teach broad skills in marketing, advertising and public relations, event management, and law/ethics. New graduates will be prepared to work in high school and college athletic departments, advertising and public relations firms, merchandising companies, professional sports teams, athletic facilities and the news media.

Indiana University Bloomington

Sport Marketing & Management (requires Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology)
Placement option: yes

The sport marketing and management major develops skills necessary for entry into the sports marketplace.

Liberty University

Master of Science in Marketing – Sports Marketing and Media
Duration: Online degree

This program prepares students to work on the business side of the sports industry. Graduates of this specialized marketing degree will be equipped to manage the sales, promotion, and advertising of athletic organizations or products.

University of Colorado Denver

Masters of Science (MS) in Marketing – Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Duration:  30 semester hours

This degree is for people who love Sports & prefer a Marketing Management or Marketing Specialist career.


Toulouse Business School

MSc. Sports, Marketing & Management
Duration: 15 months
Placement option: yes

Through a multidisciplinary approach, participants in the MSc program will acquire key skills in marketing, management and communication, sports events, sports marketing and sponsorship, business models and business strategy in sports, while studying in the heart of Toulouse, a sports-focused city in France.


Universidad Europea and Real Madrid

Master’s degree in sports marketing
Duration: 9 months

Study sports marketing with the best possible partners: Universidad Europea and Real Madrid, the top income generator and most recognized brand in Sports worldwide.

Experience the most modern way of teaching including real projects and case studies, participation in sport events, networking possibilities and internships in sport related brands.

Cruyff Institute

Master in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
Duration: Online Degree

The main objective of the Master in Sport Marketing & Sponsorship is to guide you in your professional development as an integral sport marketing and sponsorship professional, and teach you how to use marketing tools applied to sports to recognize business opportunities, develop strategies in creative industries, anticipate changes, and optimize and analyze information resources judiciously.

ESIC (Madrid)

Master in Sports Marketing Management
Duration: 1 year

The Master in Sports Marketing Management caters for the need for professionalisation in the world of sports marketing. This is a sector with enormous national and international opportunities for growth and will enable future professionals who wish to find employment in this sector to acquire specialised knowledge to enable them to manage, exploit and make the most of the challenges and opportunities that arise.

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