Five innovative examples of guerrilla marketing in football

Emirates Benfica Safety Demonstration Stadium

Even though the majority of companies is using football stars, teams or the subject itself in glossy TV ads, on billboards or in magazines or tries to create favorable endorsement through sponsorship deals, there exists a number of creative examples where companies reach their target audiences in a more subliminal way. Please continue reading for our five examples of innovative football guerrilla marketing:

Heineken – Boredom at the Opera

An example of brave guerrilla marketing comes from Heineken which engaged in a huge stunt to created a special surprise for Italian fans looking forward to watch the Champions League match Real Madrid vs AC Milan.

Emirates – Safety Instructions

Emirates’ crew demonstrated the regular in-flight safety video in front of 65,000 Benfica Lisbon fans, with a twist…

Nike – Oversized Soccer Balls

In a classic guerrilla marketing stunt, Nike ensured to turn people’ heads when placing over-sized soccer balls in everyday settings. The message was clear: use a Nike football if you want to unleash unreal power.

Nike Footballs Buildings

Nike Football Car

Herta – The Football Machine

For the launch of its Knacki FootBall (small meat balls that look like footballs) Herta used a special vending machine to offer these meat balls for free:

ESPN Brazil – Fun in the Restrooms

To promote its football shows, ESPN Brazil installed soccer goal nets in urinals of selected bars that encouraged men to try and push the football into the net:

ESPN Brazil Urinals

Pictures: Ahlan LivePinterest 1, Bored Panda, Koreus, 12most

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