Video of the week: Séan Garnier shows his skills in Coppel viral video

Sean Garnier Coppel

In our video of the week, a group of friends is playing football in a park. Nothing unusual until here. But later on, a grandfather called ‘Memo’ interrupts the game and teaches the young guys a lesson. Find out what happened on the court:

The above video featuring the French freestyle football champion of the world, Séan Garnier, went viral upon its appearance on YouTube and has recorded more than 12 million clicks so far (24/07/14). All in all a huge success for Coppel, the Mexican department store which sponsored the guerrilla marketing stunt.

Despite the creativity of the video one cannot deny that Coppel took before a closer look at Pepsi Max’s ‘Uncle Stew’ video featuring Kyrie Irving:

References: Daily Picks and Flicks, Bleacher Report

Picture: Alterian

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